Lagos State Magistrate Court Civil Procedure Rule

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Hon. Justice N.A. ImoukhuedePosted on  4:52 am - Nov 5, 2016

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the hosting of the above website. I wish to commend my lord the CJ for his vision and foresight.I pray that succeeding CJs will continue from where you have stopped. There is no doubt that we are in the information age with the Internet the instrument in making the world a global villsge. Edo State Judiciary can definitely not be left out of the move! The advantages of the website are numerous and manifold. When we were in Bendel State our litigation was already well developed and robust with many landmark judgments from our erudite jurists. Unfortunately all these judgments are gathering dust in one room somewhere! These judgments can be used for research, as precedents and for so many other useful endeavours.
I also wish to congratulate Hon Justice Akhihiero and his hardworking team for their time and energy.In these trying times for the Nigerian Judiciary, this is indeed one bright spot. Please my Lords be assured of my esteemed regards always.
N.A.Imoukhuede J

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