Monthly Archive:August 2017


The Edo State Judiciary will hold a valedictory court session in honour of Late Andrews Otutu Obaseki J.S.C (Rtd) CON, CFR, on Thursday the 17th of August 2017.

The Late Andrews Otutu Obaseki J.S.C (Rtd) was born on the 11th day of June 1926 to late Chief Gaius I. Obaseki, C.B.E, the Iyase (Traditional Prime Minister) of Benin and late Mrs. Imazogbonre O. Obaseki.

The Late Andrews Otutu Obaseki J.S.C (Rtd) attended Government School, Benin City from 1932-1936, Edo College Benin City from 1937-1940, Hope Waddel Training Institute Calabar 1940-1942, School of Agriculture, Moor Plantation, Ibadan 1943-1945, Reading University, England 1945-1948, London School of Economics (LSE) 1948-1951, Council of Legal Education, London 1949-1952.

He started his career in the legal profession as staff solicitor of Nigeria Building Society 1957-1958 and thereafter appointed a President, Benin Divisional Grade A Customary Court 1958 and was the supervising authority of Customary Court below Grade A; Benin, Ishan, Asaba and Afemai Division from 1960-1963.

He was appointed, Chief Registrar of High Court of Mid-Western Region from 1963-1964, Judge of the High Court in the Mid-Western Nigeria 1964-1975, Acting Chief Justice of Mid-Western State Judiciary, April to November 1970 and August to November 1974.

He was appointed as Acting  Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria from October 9th 1975. By January 1st 1977, he became a Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria till June 11th 1991. He was a member of the Body of Benchers from 1976-1991 and a Life Member, Body of Benchers from March 1989 till his death.

During his career at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Andrews Otutu Obaseki J.S.C (Rtd) was the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, July 31st 1987 to September 3rd 1987; September 19th 1988 to October 19th, 1988; April 1st 1990 to May 3rd, 1990.

The Eminent Jurist was a man of many parts, he was honoured with many awards. Until his death,  Andrews Otutu Obaseki J.S.C (Rtd) was THE Obaseki of Benin Kingdom.