Gallery: Area Courts

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The Hon. Chief Judge Hon. Justice J. I. Acha and his wife during the thanksgiving service to mark the opening of 2021-2022 legal year

Barr. Mrs. Victoria E. Idemudia

1st Member, A.C.C. I, Oredo

Mrs. Patricia .O. Afe

2nd Member, A.C.C.I, Oredo

Dr. J. O. U. Odiase

1st Member, A.C.C. II, Oredo

Mrs. P. I. Bossey

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Oredo

Mr. Philip E. Osagie

1st Member, A.C.C. Afuze

Mrs. Florence Atakpu

2nd Member, A.C.C. Afuze

Chief Ekhoye E. Ekpen

1st Member, A.C.C. Igueben

Mr. Eronmonsele Gabriel

2nd Member, A.C.C. Igueben

Mr. F. E. Egbobawaye

1st Member, A.C.C. Iguobazuwa

Mr. Efosa Osagiede

2nd Member, A.C.C. Iguobazuwa

Mrs. J. O. Igbinoba

1st Member, A.C.C. V, Oredo

Mr. John .A. Omoregbee

2nd Member, A.C.C. V, Oredo

Mr. O. Aiwerioghene

1st Member, A.C.C. III, Oredo

Mr. Pius Edokpolor

2nd Member, A.C.C. III, Oredo

Prince G. O. Momodu

1st Member, A.C.C. Irrua

E. G. Iyamu (Mrs.)

1st Member, A.C.C. Idogbo

Mrs. M. I. Okoduwa

2nd Member, A.C.C. Idogbo

D. Olufinke Fiade–Isiramen (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Oregbeni

Mr. John Igbinogun

1st Member, A.C.C. Uselu

Mr. Ilegbedion .O. Rapheal

2nd Member, A.C.C. Uselu

Mr. Okuonghae Philip Asemota

1st Member, A.C.C. Oregbeni

Mr. Harrison O. Osayamwen

2nd Member, A.C.C. Oregbeni

Mr. S. O. Ufumwen

1st Member A.C.C. IV, Oredo

Barr. Mrs. Owie Isoken

2nd Member, A.C.C. IV, Oredo

Blessing Efe Imohimi

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Idogbo

Dr. Bright Eraze Oniha

President (Special Grade), A.C.C II. Oredo/Benin City / DCR (Litigation)

Mr. James Ade Ife

1st Member, A.C.C. Igarra

Mr. Adebayo C. Iyasere

2nd Member, A.C.C. Igarra

Dr. James Osagiede Otoghile

President (Special Grade) A.C.C, Ubiaja

Elder Francis Edenojie Ikede

1stMember, A.C.C. Ubiaja

Donald Osilama Elogie

President (Special grade), A.C.C. Auchi

Comrade Julius .O. Onyon

2nd Member, A.C.C. Ubiaja

Rusberth Ikponmwosa Imafidon

President (Special grade), A.C.C. 3 Oredo

Chief .P. Evborokhai

1st Member, A.C.C. Sabo-Ora

Esther Imagbbovomwan Eweka (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Afuze/Sabongida-Ora

Comrade Joseph Lanre Oreuan

2nd Member, A.C.C. Sabo-Ora

Katherine Aviovioya Orbih (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C, Abudu

Benson E. Osagie

President (Special Grade), A.C.C Ekpoma

Uyi Robson Akpara

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Agenebode/Fugar

Victor Agbonmere Ehizogie

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Uromi 1 & 11

Imade Frances Afolayan (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C Ekpoma

Eronmwon Sylvia Otamere (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Okada

Gladys Ikhuoriah (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Irrua

Michael Osayuwame Odigie

President Grade I, A.C.C. Igueben & Ehor

Uwaila Uwumarogie (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C. II Uwelu

Ediri Evayiro (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C II South-Ibie

Imarhia Osarenkhoe Osawaru (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C. Iguobazuwa

Osazemen Olubumi Achebo (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C 4, Oredo/Benin City

Juliet Zulietu Ijegbai

President Grade I, A.C.C. II, Igarra

Mr. Okuonghae J. O.

1st Member, A.C.C. Okada

Mr. Evbuomwan Nosakhare

1st Member, A.C.C. II, Egor

Mr. Isaac Ona

1st Member, A.C.C. Ehor

Mrs. Enobakhare Veronica .E.

2nd Member, A.C.C. Ehor

Mr. Benedict E. Okhueleigbe

1st Member, A.C.C. I, Ekpoma

Mr. J. I. Omofuma

2nd Member, A.C.C. I, Ekpoma

Alh. U. K. Yahaya

1st Member A.C.C. Agenebode

Al. Attahiru Simple Irume

2ndMember, A.C.C. Agenebode

Mr. Oriri Godpower

1st Member, A.C.C. Abudu

Mr. Paul O. Agbowanegbe

2nd Member, A.C.C. Abudu

Mrs. Alice Airefetalor

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Ekpoma

Mr. Ogbebor Edward

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Ekpoma

Mr. Aigbogun Jonathan Oriabure

1st Member, A.C.C. II, Uromi

Rev. Ezele Joseph Obehi

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Uromi

Mrs. G. E. Okoh

1st Member, A.C.C. Uromi

Mr. P. Aisagbonhi

2ndMember, A.C.C. Uromi

Mr. Douglas N. Egharevba

1st Member, A.C.C. II, Egor

Mrs. E. I. Izekor

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Egor

Mr. G. J. Okozi

1st Member, A.C.C. Fugar

Mr. R. A. Edogamhe

2nd Member, A.C.C. Fugar

Mrs. Maryam .O. Yamah

1st Member, A.C.C. Auchi

Mr. Ali Inusa Momoh

2nd Member, A.C.C. Auchi

Prince I. M. S. Igiekumhe

1st Member, A.C.C. II, Auchi

Mrs. S. A. Musah

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Auchi