Court Gallery

Imoedemhe Tessy Oshione (Miss)

Magistrate Grade II, Magistrate Court 2 Idogbo

Mr. J. A. Bello

2nd Member, D.C.C. Udo

Mr. Reuben A. Osikhia

1st Member, D.C.C Ihievbe

Mr. Uuanzekin Peter Aigbovokhai

2nd Member, D.C.C Ihievbe

Mr. Suleiman Samson Dominic .O.

1st Member, D.C.C Amendokhian

Mr. J. E. I. Okojie

2ndMember D.C.C Amendokhian

Mr. AuduUsman Money-hand

1st Member, D.C.C. Okpella

Prince M. O. Afegbua

2nd Member, D.C.C. Okpella

Mr. E. I. Isege

1st Member, D.C.C Otuo

Imade Frances Afolayan (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C Ekpoma

Eronmwon Sylvia Otamere (Mrs.)

President (Special Grade), A.C.C. Okada

Michael Osayuwame Odigie

President Grade I, A.C.C. Igueben & Ehor

Uwaila Uwumarogie (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C. II Uwelu

Ediri Evayiro (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C II South-Ibie

Imarhia Osarenkhoe Osawaru (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C. Iguobazuwa

Osazemen Olubumi Achebo (Mrs.)

President Grade I, A.C.C 4, Oredo/Benin City

Juliet Zulietu Ijegbai

President Grade I, A.C.C. II, Igarra

Mr. D. I. Abu

2nd Member, D.C.C. Eguaholor

Mr. Ugbo Raymond

1st Member, D.C.C. Ugbogui

Mr. J. O. Isere

2nd Member, D.C.C Ugbogui

Mr. J. Itaman

1st Member, D.C.C. Ebelle

Mr. David Ehiozuwa

2nd Member, D.C.C. Ebelle

Mr. Izibili Francis

1st Member, D.C.C. Iruekpen

Mr. Ofemu Godwin Anofogie

2nd Member, D.C.C. Iruekpen

Mr. Nikky Omo-Bello

1st Member, D.C.C. Jattu

Mrs. Alice Airefetalor

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Ekpoma

Mr. Ogbebor Edward

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Ekpoma

Mr. Aigbogun Jonathan Oriabure

1st Member, A.C.C. II, Uromi

Rev. Ezele Joseph Obehi

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Uromi

Mrs. G. E. Okoh

1st Member, A.C.C. Uromi

Mr. P. Aisagbonhi

2ndMember, A.C.C. Uromi

Mr. Douglas N. Egharevba

1st Member, A.C.C. II, Egor

Mrs. E. I. Izekor

2nd Member, A.C.C. II, Egor





Scouts present at the book launch, luncheon in honour of the Outgoing Chief Judge

Cutting of 65th birthday and Retirement Cake by Outgoing Chief Judge and his wife

Cutting of 65th birthday and Retirement Cake by Outgoing Chief Judge and his family

Outgoing Chief Judge and wife takes to the dance floor

The Hon Chief Judge signing the visitors register during the visit

The Hon. Chief Judge signing the visitors register during the visit

Hon Justice Efe Ikponwonba, Mrs. A. E. Aibaogun, Chief Inspector of Court, J. O. Otoghile DCR Litigation and other Principal Officers during the visit

Frank Irabor, Secretary Benin Traditional Council seeing off The Hon Chief Judge after the visit

The Hon Chief Judge and Hon Justice A. N. Ehigiamusoe after the visit